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Knowledge Government by Carlos Guadián

K - Government Blog is a Carlos Guadián Orta's initiative, in order to to share and transmitte information and knowledge on all what implies the application of the Information Technologies and the Communication (ICT) to political, social and administrative processes.
At present, he works for TAO- gedas as Communication and Contents advisor, collaborating also with Própolis Club

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    Thursday, September 08, 2005

    k-Gov Tin Roofs k-Gov

    A thing that has surprised me in Peru is the popular use of tin roofs to cover the houses, what paradoxically almost all are made of adobe. A strange combination. Whereas the use of a craft and traditional material as it is the adobe is cheap and affordable for all that one that is lifted a house, the use of a foreign material totally to the culture site as the metal sheet, for the roofs and doors, also complies the same requirements. It is made strange observe two materials that are so different joined in almost indisputable couple in the constructions of the Peruvian Andean high plateau.

    This duality only breaks as one approaches Cusco, I can imagine that as one approaches the archeological capital of South America the image takes more importance and the use of the tile as substitute of the metal sheet must be favored. I can not say that in view of these roofs it has the impression of seeing comfortable houses, rather on the contrary. I have the sensation that in winter, in period of rains there will be leaks and that in summer that roof will convert them in real ovens. But maybe I make a mistake, since in all the places in those that we lodge ourselves we made it of nice way. Sometimes it does not have to be let take only for the esthetics. Another thing that favors this statement is that most of the houses are of ground floor or at the most they have a flat of height, but almost in all the impression of being unfinished buildings is present. This is due to they leaving to stand out the rods of the one encored above the constructions for whether in a future they have to keep adding flats above. Therefore it is not a sign of thing to means to do but of forecast.

    These tin roofs that in another country as Morocco would be covered of seas of satellite dishes, in Peru are deserted. The reception of the signal for normal aerial or cable is the solution most accepted by those that have a television set in their home. A so impressed population is not, therefore, for what it appears in the "window", especially in the rural areas, where there are places totally virgins in this sense. Places as Amantaní where there are not asphaltic streets, self-propelled or simply electrical devices as washing machines, television sets or fridges. Because for this the need for use of technology will be accordant with the characteristics of the place. Every place has its own technological needs.

    Anyway, that dispersed population does not represent more of 45% of the Peruvian total. More of the half cohabit in the great urban block that means Lima. This way the idea that one does not get to be somebody unless it lives in the capital, land of opportunities and only place is reproduced once more where one can progress ¿¿¿ Sure ??? This fact that it has been repeated in the moment in that a society is giving the evolutionary step of being an economy tertiary to pass to a secondary, that is, of basing all the economy on activities of generation of raw materials to be those who transform them. This idea disappears when we pass to be a society of services or of primary sector. It is more, in this stage the need to be refound with the nature again reappears and every time are more those that now carry out the transfer but to the inverse one. Of the city to the field, in search of that quality of life lost in the fast rhythm of life of a great city.

    That it sees all these contrasts make out me that the evolution of the population and in its way of life is much faster than the one that the organizations and statutory agencies experience. The institutional and administrative rigidity is fort and its rejection to the great change, in many cases for which it interests them to keep maintaining a system of interests and in others simply for ignorance of the profits that of the use of the TIC can obtain.

    For this type of cases the adoption of mixed techniques, as it does the people as she uses the adobe and the metal sheet, to obtain something that is adapted to their needs is the best solution. The introduction of systems based on the management of the knowledge, the territorial use of information systems or the implementation of managers of reports can help transform at the same speed as its population and therefore answer adequately for its needs. The derived increase of efficiency and efficiency of the administrative transparency due to the increase of the tools of taxation and to the store of responsibilities facilitates a better management. Because for all this I want an administration that is built with the solidity of the adobe, which will maintain better the temperature of the house and which will keep giving use to the people of the place. But I also want an administration that uses the metal sheet as roof, material easy to be used and affordable for everybody. We have to be open to the innovation to improve, but not that's why we have to forget those advantages that only for having a time are considered obsolete. Therefore I do not want an administration that only is let take for the esthetics, I want an administration that works and that uses what has to use, when it has to use it.

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