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Knowledge Government by Carlos Guadián

K - Government Blog is a Carlos Guadián Orta's initiative, in order to to share and transmitte information and knowledge on all what implies the application of the Information Technologies and the Communication (ICT) to political, social and administrative processes.
At present, he works for TAO- gedas as Communication and Contents advisor, collaborating also with Própolis Club

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    Friday, March 24, 2006

    k-Gov I was a Concierge and now... k-Gov

    The today entrance is autobiographical and has its cause in post of Julen in Consultancy Craftswoman in the Network "People nail in an organization". It has arrived to me deep, it has touched the heart to me, it has made me remember thirteen years of labor experience.

    Why? You will ask some. And you are not the unique ones!!! Normally when I explain this history the first reaction of people is of incredulity. But if, it is certain. Certain as the same life and how says in many occasions "the fiction surpasses the reality".

    The first cause of ñoña, post of Julen. That with its permission (me the volume without requesting it to it, but I hope that it includes/understands it) I almost publish it in its integrity and not so that you read it here, but so that I want to have certainty of its words, to have them close, to remember of to me which it has been part of my life during many years;

    The reception person is fundamental to accede to the knowledge of whom she is who back in terra incognita of the company. Who knows to whom one resorts why things, who is arranged to throw cable, who is amiable when it takes the telephone, is ogro, who is unfaithful to its woman, who is the person who knows more of such-and-such thing. All that knows it because it is the center of immense networking, formal and informal, whose main node is under its possession. This communications center is the neuralgic point where concealed ideas, conversations converge, sometimes bad humors and emotional explosions and even some that another tear of that never you you waited for it.

    This person, great injustice, is habitually infravolarada. Like almost always, its value becomes evident in case of absence. When this person is not, something lacks, sometimes difficult to include/understand, to fall in the account. It lacks a point of connection between dispersed neurons by different areas. Are not great destructions, but they fail the communications and that is, every day more, a true risk. It can cause that a project flows or that is clogged.

    Its mark of professionalism is, mainly, in the smile of its lips. For who sees it and for who does not see it. The smile is the hyperconnection with that is to the other side, is of the telephone, the electronic mail or the counter of the reception. Because this person has a great quality: it knows that its mission is to connect and the connection is health sample. Its organism is optimized to feel comfortable when it spins conversations. At this moment it obtains a certain state of flow, difficult to include/understand for that it does not occupy that position. It does not present/display tension symptoms before circumstances that to other would make us shake. She is a customary person to that the moment is short. To that they are only outlines of great projects which can happen through its hands. For that reason there is no time to generate tension. If there is much traffic in its surroundings it puts all its machinery on approval. When these circumstances of certain pressure occur, all we realize of which it is worth that person.

    The reception people know who is who. They know names, last names, departments, areas, districts, quereres, hatreds, relatives of and others, great and small clients (all and each one with its name), nicknames, privacies, shames. They know too much many people. In the house of Johari, they have an enormous window to see the others. And that always is to play with advantage.

    I would like to consider with all and each one me of the qualities that Julen enumerates, although I know of the certain one that not always they are possible to be counted on all those abilities. Then, I from year 1991 to December of the 2004, that is to say, until year ago and little means I worked like manager, like the person of reception of a sport installation. In concrete of the Municipal Polideportivo of Santa Eulàlia in Hospitalet of the Llobregat, managed by Agrupació Esportiva Santa Eulàlia. In this installation my main function was the reception and attention of all those people who approached the street Verdaguer Jacinth. Trainees, subscribers of the gymnasium, sportsmen federated of some of the sport sections, parents accompanying to its children and people and more interested people actually of the physical activity.

    During years, I had opportunity besides to make all type of works. From helping in maintenance tasks and therefore of having to tile floor tiles, to place a shower diffuser, to make mortar to raise a partition, to reduce a door so that the ground does not graze, to cut to a pipe on time so that a simple escape did not reach more or the always singsong but necessary action to pass the broom and mopa to present/display a correct hygiene to all the one that that way appeared.

    Evidently also they were many tasks of administrative, but already towards the last time and thanks to the arrival of computerization and the connectivity to Internet, I could get to develop abilities that now I can value like important for my professional development. Throughout this time, although there were sabbatic years, in which to the study and preparation one talks about, I could study and graduate in Management and Public Administration and receive the master's degree in Political Sciences by the University Pompeu Fabra.

    These united factors along with a constant curiosity by the new technologies pushed to me to unite those subjects that raised my passion and that have gotten to become hobby for me. E-Government, the electronic administration, the application of new technologies to processes of citizen participation, the policy and so many other subjects were object of constant reading. There the accumulation of information and trying to find a form to be able to manage it and to gather it pushed to me per November of the 2003 to start up K-Government.

    I must recognize that this decision was crucial in my life, that along with "San Google", I call it I took root and now you will understand why, she has made possible that she finds me where I am doing what I do. Thanks a K-Government and to the easy indexing that has blogs they located to me from TAO-gedas, concretely the one that is at the moment my direct superior, Daniel Lorente and our present chief of a main directorate, Xavier Llinares. They saw the work that until then had come developing as hobby and they liked. They liked so much that offered to me to unite me to an equipment in which I feel of wonder. An equipment in that you do not have to anybody fiscalizándote over the shoulder, an equipment in which the confidence is fundamental reason why the performance initiative well is considered and hour the flexibility guaranteed. An equipment where the opinion of the others considers and looks for its collaboration. An equipment that has made me feel like in house.

    But by all this I do not want to forget to me that fuí during so many years "the reception person"and from I want here to erect my personal tribute to all those that receive to us with a smile, to all those that the work can facilitate us so that they are expert of many things that the others we ignored, to all those that are the image that a company or administration gives, to all those that provide that to which they are not forced but that thanks to the personal bows that they establish with that that way they happen do it with the greater taste of the world, to all those that they cheer the day to us and that greets so much to you if you go become absorbed in thought in your thoughts as if directly you salute to them, to all those that learn your name and personalizan the treatment to do it more human, near and pleasant.

    Only it would request to you that from now on consider those people, greet them, you learn its name, you know them. But mainly that you consider one more a person of the equipment, so that that person is a very important piece and most of the occasions is had it forgotten in reception, as if a furniture more it was.

    And it is that in many of those people those abilities are incarnated all that Julen enumerates and that would please that they had been mias


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